Mass shooting at Orlando nightclub tops the News from Nowhere

Welcome to this edition of News from Nowhere. Unfortunately, I’m afraid this will end up being another one of those “the world is going to heck” type of posts, especially after what happened at an Orlando nightclub last night. 

Someone went in there and opened fire, killing at least 50 people in the worst mass shooting in American history. Another 53 were injured.

It happened at a gay nightclub so a lot of people are calling this a hate crime. Worst of all, it sounds like this gunman had pledged allegiance to ISIS.

Obviously, this news has ruined the morning and put me in a particularly foul mood for watching the Canadian Grand Prix race on TV. Live local TV coverage of the shooting here. I understand President Barack Obama will be speaking on this, soon.

This tragedy happens soon after The Voice singer Christina Grimmie was murdered after a concert held in — you guessed it — Orlando. 

So it’s sad times in central Florida. Scary times. And now, an update — news from southern California that someone has been arrested with possible explosives who was going to the LA gay pride parade there today!

In all, this is a good time to stay away from the good old USA with all of its shootings and mayhem.


In other news, it looks like my citizenship in the European Union could be heading straight into the trashcan thanks to my fellow citizens in the U.K., as polls put the Brexit in the lead heading to the June 23 referendum. 

I don’t know what to make of this. On the one hand, I get why the pro-Brexit people want out. The EU has way too much power over the UK’s affairs as it is, and what’s more, Europe has proved itself monumentally incompetent in dealing with any number of issues, whether it is terrorists in France and Belgium, migrants flooding their other borders, or any number of these financial crises afflicting any number of their member states. 

Why would the British want to be part of that? So I understand why there’s frustration. I get it. But still, man, what’s going to happen to the trade relationships with the rest of Europe if this happens? And what about British citizens who have to work in other parts of Europe because they can’t get similar good jobs at home? Will they all lose their work privileges and have to go home, then? That’s really the issue I’m most concerned with. That, and the possibility that the breakup of Europe will send the world economy into another tailspin. Anyway, I don’t like where this is going. 

Other news:

I ran into this item while looking for news on the Brexit referendum: “Why MP sex scandals no longer shock.” I guess someone else got in trouble over there, again, but nobody cares like they did with Christine Keeler and the Profumo scandal years ago.

Fresh off their thorough and humiliating defeat in court at the hands of Hulk Hogan, Gawker Media has filed for bankruptcy. It sounds like Ziff Davis is taking them over.

It looks like the lyrics to O Canada are going to be changed to become gender-neutral. That raises another issue: could other lyrics get changed? Could the word “God” be removed from the lyrics, too?

In Cuba news, six American carriers have been approved to fly to the island nation.

In sports media news, Bill Simmons has let loose on his departure from ESPN and on what he’s doing now for HBO.

And since I particularly have MMA on the brain this week, here is an item I found about the rise of the ONE Championship which has quietly become the biggest promotion in Asia.

That is all I feel like talking about. Now, back to watching depressing mass-shooting news coverage on TV.