Hillary scores the KO to Bernie: bring on Donald

It is the last primary night of the season, and I had to spend most of it on assignment. Anyway, there was little at stake, as Hillary Clinton has clinched the number of delegates needed for the Democratic nomination as of a day earlier. Victory in New Jersey simply was the icing on the cake tonight to remove all doubt. There is nothing more Bernie Sanders can do now to stop her. He may, or may not, finally quit — it would not surprise me if he stands on principle and fights on to the bitter end at the convention. 

As for the Republicans, folks in that party probably wish there was some way to stop Donald Trump or shut his mouth — which, as you know, he has been opening again with incendiary remarks about a Mexican-American judge. Terrible. People have been hoping this guy would show some sign of turning the corner and becoming more presidential, but it isn’t happening. It just never stops with him. 

Anyway, I’m going to now tune in to the California and Montana results to see if there is any drama left this night. I’m going to miss primary season — a lot.