Canada AM to be replaced by… Ben Mulroney. Woo hoo!

The announcement has been made about what show will replace Canada AM on CTV. And the good news is it’s not reruns of Gilligan’s Island

The new CTV morning show is called — gee, I’ve already forgotten what it is, it is such a generic name for a show. Oh, yeah, now I remember, it is called Your Morning and is hosted by Ben Mulroney and Anne-Marie Mediwake, and looks like it has a lot of younger anchors on there. This new show will also air from their hip downtown Toronto studios.

Clearly, this looks like a play for a younger audience than the crowd who watched Canada AM — except, young people usually are too busy wolfing down breakfast and rushing out the door to work after getting out of bed, and haven’t got the time for any TV in the mornings these days. 

That has been my own state of affairs for years now. Anyway, this is what every morning TV show has to contend with.