It’s finally June, and I need a vacation!!!

(Pictured: our newsroom mascot Claudette the Frog while she was on vacation.)

It is June, so now it is time for an update on what you can expect from me blogging-wise and journalistically over the next couple of months. 

More accurately, this is an update on my vacation plans! Yes, indeed, warm weather is finally upon us and now is the time to start thinking ahead to some long-awaited time off.

In a way, the goofing off has already started. Last week, thanks to a banked day off I was owed as well as a statutory holiday, I managed to get a grand total of 6 days off out of 10, although the last two days of it were lost to a bad migraine headache, unfortunately.

According to my calendar I will be due another three-day weekend coming at the end of next week, June 10-11-12, and then again two weeks later on June 24-25-26. The following weekend is the July 1 holiday period, but I don’t know if I’ll be scheduled to work that weekend or not. If not, I’ll be working the following weekend. 

What I know for sure is that beginning around the middle of July I am tentatively scheduled to take a big chunk of time off, running through the statutory holiday on Aug. 1. It looks like I am going to be headed to BC for some of that time, where my plans will be to sit in front of a television and watch American political convention coverage (so be sure to tune into this blog for those updates.) 

Also, I am intending to take in a ‘Riders game at some point, likely the final one I’ll ever see at the old Mosaic Stadium. I am not sure yet whether I will take in the annual NASCAR race in Saskatoon. I might stay home instead to watch the political conventions.

It is sad, really, that I am looking forward more to my time off instead of my job! The truth is there is little to look forward to, the elections are over and these months are usually a news dead zone here. The reality is my beats will also be taking time off with reduced meeting schedules and the like. Last year, there was much more news during the summer due to the wildfire situation. I only took four days off and went on a day-long excursion to, get this, Prince Albert (!). By the time I returned a federal election was called, so I had to cover that. Then in December, I took another week off to go to Cuba. 

But that’s been it! The bottom line is I am still owed a whack of time simply because I have been such a great employee, filling in while others went to Mexico or, better yet, quit their jobs (ha ha ha).

So, I might as well use my time owed. There, that’s my update, and a happy summer to you, too!