X-Men: Apocalypse takes Memorial Day Weekend with four-day haul of $80 million

It just occurred to me that I ought to put up a post about the four-day Memorial Day weekend domestic box office results in North America.

Uh, X-Men: Apocalypse won, with $80 million

Running second was Alice Through the Looking Glass, which was kind of a bust at $34 million. People were talking about how it was expected to do so much better, but I am not surprised with the haul because it simply didn’t seem to be a release that movie fans were enthusiastic about.

(Update:) Ouch! Overall, the box office pundits have panned these Memorial Day box office performances. They are pointing out that the latest X-Men outing’s weekend box office was down $30 million from the Memorial Day weekend of X-Men: Days of Future Past back in 2014.

I notice the Hollywood Reporter had a piece which basically says the studio executives will really be sweating it out in Hollywood this summer. With bright ideas like what we’ve seen so far (retread sequels, etc.) is it any wonder?