Bad last couple of days of Kansas tornadoes; more of them are likely today

It has been a rough few days for people in Kansas dealing with tornadoes hitting the state, and more of them look like they could be on the way tonight. 

Some communities are already dealing with the carnage from the last batch of storms: yesterday in Dickinson County, eight homes were destroyed and up to 20 more damaged. That was an EF-4 tornado. Two days ago, twin tornadoes hit near Dodge City, Kansas! So it’s been a rough go for people there, but great for the storm chaser crowd.

As I said, central Kansas looks like it is in the bullseye today again. I may go online and look for live streams from storm chasers, although they are getting harder to find now that TVNweather has gone belly-up. They were great for storm streaming, but closed down just recently. Oh, well. 

It doesn’t look like Oklahoma is quite in the direct bullseye tonight, which is good because the locals there need the power to stay on so they can watch the Oklahoma City Thunder topple the Golden State Warriors in the Western finals.

In other “news from America”, I notice Donald Trump was in North Dakota today where he officially clinched the number of delegates needed for the GOP nomination.