News from a lazy Victoria Day weekend

It has been a dull and boring Victoria Day long weekend for me, and that is exactly how I wanted it to be. I needed every one of these days to recuperate physically and mentally. I have made a point these past four days of trying to shut myself off from life in general, in order to focus on the things I really care about in the world.

Such as: international beauty pageants

I kid you not, yesterday I found an online feed for something called the Nuestra Belleza Latina VIP pageant, which airs in Spanish on Univision in the ‘States. I’d never heard of this contest before, which sounds like it is a combination pageant/reality show. They announced a winner last night and it was Clarissa Molina from the Dominican Republic. 

The good news is the announcer did not screw it up, they successfully annointed the correct beauty queen! So there was that.

I have also been following the usual other sports I have been following including junior hockey action from the RBC Cup in Lloydminster, won by West Kelowna in the final last night. Beyond that, I really have not been tuning in any hockey at all. I really am bored with this year’s Stanley Cup. Even overtime games like the one between the Penguins and Lightning last night cannot get me interested. 

I devoted most of my time on Saturday to watching soccer Cup games on TV and on the Internet. I also watched the Raptors take down Cleveland in game 3; game 4 goes tonight. 

The other thing I have been doing today is going onto YouTube and replaying live news coverage of breaking news events — like the Kennedy assassination, the Reagan assassination attempt, and 9/11. Just today I tuned in to the radio coverage from Don Imus’s show from the morning of the World Trade Center attacks. I dunno what other news I could watch online on YouTube — Gulf War coverage, perhaps. Or maybe I could watch Princess Diana death coverage all over again, but that would be depressing. I really ought to do something else and get away from the “news”, but this is what I have been doing to keep myself awake on an otherwise dull and rainy holiday. 

Anyway, that was my weekend. Coming up next, a look at how the Angry Birds did at the box office.