Prime Minister Justin Trudeau elbows his way into the News from Nowhere

The top story of this edition of News from Nowhere is the uproar in the House of Commons yesterday

Seriously, I cannot believe what I am reading about this: a scuffle actually broke out in the Commons in which Prime Minister Justin Trudeau went over and ended up actually elbowing NDP MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau

This is exactly the sort of WWE-style mayhem that Donald Trump political rallies have become famous for. 

And in fact, there was a huge controversy down there in the USA when a Breitbart reporter got shoved by Trump’s campaign manager. This is that incident involving Michelle Fields who ended up quitting Breitbart in a huff after what happened. It’s also happening with the Democrats as well. Just this past weekend in Nevada, Bernie Sanders supporters caused a big ruckus at their Democratic state convention there, too.

Obviously, folks here in Canada need to be far less snooty about how well-behaved and dignified we are with our politics compared to the USA, because obviously we are getting as bad as they are. We had something similar happening yesterday in Ottawa, except this took place not in some convention hall, but in the House of Commons. And the guy who was elbowing people wasn’t some underling, it wasn’t some overzealous campaign supporter. It was the Prime Minister of Canada.  

You think maybe Stephen Harper wasn’t so bad after all? This would never have happened if he was still in charge. 

Anyway, it’s fair to say we have never seen this before in Canada — at least, not outside of a hockey arena or wrestling ring. And the bloom is definitely off the Justin Trudeau rose now. He’s had his honeymoon period with the public with his rock-star treatment and people wanting to take “selfies” with him and all that, but this incident puts a screeching halt to all his momentum.

In other political news, there will be no prosecution of Senator Pamela Wallin. I guess that entire Senate expenses scandal was much ado about nothing, then? What a waste of time that all turned out to be. Anyway, enough about these jokers in Ottawa. 

On to other news in the world and as usual, the world news is bad. 

An EgyptAir flight from Paris to Cairo carrying 66 people has apparently gone down, and the worry is this could be terrorism, again. 

If that doesn’t put you off the idea of flying, this surely will: insane lineups for security at Chicago airports. 

Hours of waiting, people missing their connecting flights; it really is a disgrace. A video went viral about the lineup at Midway airport there and it gives you an idea of what it is like for frustrated travellers. It doesn’t sound like flying to and from the Windy City is going to be much fun this summer. Time to cross Chicago off the list of potential summer destinations.

And Venezuela is absolutely going to hell. Food shortages, economic chaos, a state of emergency imposed — it really is a mess down there that I need to follow more than I have lately. 

Big news from TV news today: Canadian TV journalist and 60 Minutes star Morley Safer, just days after his retirement tribute was shown on TV, is dead, age 84.

Also, I mention this only because my brother worked on The New Addams Family with him, but actor Michael Roberds who played Uncle Fester on the TV show has died.

I guess I will end this edition with news from Qatar, and if you think it’s bad for women to get around various places in the Middle East with all the restrictions put on them, you should also know it is also getting really bad for single guys

I am not making this up, folks: Qatar has put into place restrictions which bans bachelors from certain parks, malls and other places on certain days of the week. Only for families, they say.

Really?! Really!? I guess I’m not going to Qatar, then. Really, who makes the rules over there?

That is it! I now have four full days off to relax and hopefully forget about the news business for at least a little while. Happy Victoria Day long weekend, all you Canadians!