Drama out of Boston as NBC gets ready to dump Channel 7

News from Boston local TV. A judge dismissed a lawsuit this week from WHDH-TV this week, which clears the way for NBC to dump Channel 7 as its affiliate and go off on their own with their own station in Boston next January.

This has big implications for a lot of people in Canada, including cable viewers in most of Saskatchewan (customers of Access and SaskTel in particular), because we all get our NBC feed from Boston’s Channel 7. If NBC leaves Channel 7, we’ll all need to get an NBC cable feed from somewhere else — presumably, from the new Boston NBC station. Which is bad for me, because I’ll miss seeing my favorite anchorwoman Kim Khazei on TV. (Oh, well, there’s always the Internet feed.) 

Anyway, this news is really of no interest to anyone except cable viewers in Canada, and of course people in Boston.

In other local TV news, legendary longtime Cleveland weatherman Dick Goddard is retiring from Fox 8. This item, of course, is of no interest outside of Cleveland.