Efforts against Trump turn vicious as the media steps up their “hit pieces” 

Donald Trump may have wrapped up the GOP primaries but now the real work begins: winning the general election. It’s going to be a tough task, made tougher by the “hit pieces” that are already on full blast from the USA’s infamous “liberal” media. 

It is not surprising to me; it is clear news organizations are out to get him. Already, we are hearing stories that the Washington Post has decided to assemble a team of 20 journalists devoted solely to digging dirt on Trump. Right, that sounds like an objective media organization to me. Just this weekend the New York Times, another liberal bastion, did its own piece attacking Trump for his attitudes to and alleged mistreatment of women. 

Except — one of the women interviewed in that piece told Fox News that the NY Times totally twisted her  words to make it sound like she had a bad experience with Trump! In fact, she likes Trump and says she is even going to vote for him! 

Reporters are also going after Trump’s taxes, and other things that could supposedly damage him against Hillary Clinton. I expect even more attempts at “hit pieces” by the mainstream media against Trump, and frankly, more failures. 

This, my friends, is why Trump is winning: people in the USA are fed up completely with politics as usual. They are fed up with the entire establishment and what they’ve done to the country. And that includes not only the political establishment but the media establishment, and their usual negative tactics of twisting people’s words and creating scandals. They are especially fed up with their usual bashing of Republicans. People are seeing these negative stories for what they are and figure this is all biased reporting, as usual, designed to help Hillary win. Moreover, Trump, unlike most previous GOP candidates, is completely unafraid about firing back on Twitter and calling out the news organizations for their B.S. reporting. (Newt Gingrich was another Republican unafraid to take on the press, as I recall. Most, however, are way too polite for their own good.) 

Trump has already survived one media scandal after another: attacking Mexicans, attacking Muslims, attacking Megyn Kelly, attacking Pope Francis — the list is endless. And every time, after every media frenzy of his, he has come back bigger than ever with the voters. 

The press has to watch its step, because I’m convinced every time an anti-Trump hit piece goes to print, it ends up turning into more votes for Trump. What worked in the old days for the mainstream media won’t anymore – not against the Donald.

This business about Trump acting as his own press person, though… strange.