Trump meets Ryan, Cannes, Brazil and the Philippines all make the News from Nowhere

Welcome to News from Nowhere and this week I want to turn my attention away from the local and national news and focus on the other things happening all over the rest of the world. 

News such as: House speaker Paul Ryan, and his meeting with Donald Trump today. 

Ryan, of course, was one of a slew of Republicans who didn’t endorse Trump last week after Trump basically wrapped up the nomination. But the two did meet today and it sounds like they are trying to settle their differences, which are considerable — particularly when it comes to Medicare which Trump is supportive of. 

Anyway, there is no endorsement yet but the fence-mending will go on. There is going to have to be a lot of it, because Trump has insulted a lot of people in the Republican party over the last few months, and a lot of rank and file party people are quitting to join the Libertarians or worse, the Democrats (!). Trump has a lot of work to do.

For those needing something else to watch now on Tuesday nights, now that the GOP is a one-man race, I am happy to report the Democratic contest is still onBernie Sanders won in West Virginia on Tuesday to prolong the inevitable, and I notice he was in Montana yesterday.


Over in the Philippines, they held their elections this week and it sounds like the “Trump” of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, got elected President

Also elected, in the Senate race, was famed boxer Manny Pacquiao, as one of the top 12 votegetters there in that race. Of course, Pacquiao has already been a congressman, but this is a step up the ranks. It sounds like this could be it for his boxing career — we’re seeing comments from the likes of Bob Arum about how Pacquiao’s boxing days are over, as he should concentrate on politics now. So much for a Mayweather rematch, then, but most people didn’t think the first fight was so good, anyway. 

I was watching some of the live streams and social media coverage of the results from the Philippines. The comments on Twitter about Pacquiao’s election win were pretty funny. I noticed a lot of people were trashing Pacquiao’s attendance record and trashing him for how few bills he sponsored in the House, and calling the voters idiots! (Sort of similar to the reaction to Trump’s voters in the US.)


Also, lots of political news from Brazil where their Senate has overwhelmingly ordered the impeached President Dilma Rousseff to be put on trial! She is now suspended from office while the impeachment trial goes on and that could take up to six months. Methinks the minds of Senators down there are made up, and will vote to boot Rousseff in the end. For her part, Rousseff is calling this a “coup.”

Meanwhile, in other important Brazil news, there is lots of concern about the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro this summer. People are still freaking out over the awful Zika virus that has ravaged Brazil and is spreading rapidly in Latin America and around the world. There are people now calling for the Olympic Games to be called right off, or at least pulled out of Brazil, but the IOC is insisting the Games will go ahead.

Finally, since I am supposed to be interested in the movies I should let you know the Cannes Film Festival is on. 

And, of course, the news media has played up how this latest film festival is opening under the cloud of potential terrorism. Well, great, what a way to cheer us film fans up.

Earlier, I tuned in a live feed from the red carpet where George and Amal Clooney, Julia Roberts and Jodie Foster, among others, showed up for the screening there of their new movie Money Monster.

(Monday update: with all its supposed star power, it only hauled in $15 million.)

And I guess the latest thing for people to get angry about at Cannes are stupid rules on what women should wear at the festival. Been reading today about how Kristen Stewart was mad about the rules forcing women to wear heels on the Cannes red carpet

Oh, and finally we end the News from Nowhere with a real downer: ABC has cancelled The Muppets.

I think that’s enough for now.