Looks like a peace bond deal for Ghomeshi. A lot of folks are not taking this well.

Well, it is looking more and more as if disgraced CBC ex-host Jian Ghomeshi has at his disposal the best criminal defence counsel in all of Canada, because it appears he is about to get off scott-free.

Reports are that he will agree to a peace bond Wednesday morning in court in Toronto. In exchange, the one remaining sexual assault charge against him is going to be dropped, so his scheduled second trial in June won’t happen. 

So, all those news reports about how this was supposed to be a much different case from the last trial (which was a debacle for the prosecution), bla bla bla, are a bunch of junk — assuming these latest reports are true. Of course, social media has already tried and convicted Ghomeshi in the realm of public opinion, so all those online folks are not taking this news well at all. They are all going “this is an injustice” and so on.

Then again, I am not surprised that the “Twitterati”, as I call them, are reacting this way, because they are never happy, period. In fact, hardly anyone who is interested in any court case ever seems happy. In my experience, it seems like 90 percent of the people who follow these high-profile cases are the “outraged” people who’ve already decided they want a conviction, no matter what. Only when there is a big celebrity involved do I usually find it to be more “even”; yet even here, Ghomeshi is a celebrity and it seems like everyone hates him! People have been literally marching and protesting him in the streets.

I think this is probably a situation where the prosecutors realize their case against Ghomeshi has big problems (witnesses getting cold feet, maybe?) and so they are cutting this deal. Anyway, there are lots of reasons why deals happen, and they actually happen all the time in the courts. People can vent on Twitter and Facebook all they want, but this is how the justice system works.