Box office: Massive weekend haul for Captain America: Civil War

It was another massive kickoff to the summer blockbuster movie season for the folks over at Marvel. 

Captain America: Civil War has opened to a domestic haul of $181 million, or $179 million, depending on which information you are reading at any given moment. (I believe some studio higher-ups might have been doing some fibbing about that initial $181 million number.) 

This is the fifth biggest domestic box office opening of all time. Of the top six biggest domestic openings of all time, the movies ranked third-through-sixth in the list are all from the same series of movies featuring Marvel Avengers characters of one kind or another (in particular Iron Man). These weekend numbers also set a record for the Disney studio: fastest to $1 billion (domestic) in just 128 days.

Its entire global haul is $678 million, after a little over a week of worldwide release.

Most importantly in the superhero wars, Captain America and Iron Man have now decisively beaten Superman and Batman at the box office, as these iconic DC heroes only opened to a domestic $166 million earlier this year. In the pop-culture wars between Marvel and DC, Marvel wins again.

This has me thinking. Does anyone else think we might one day see a “Marvel vs. DC” movie? No doubt, Disney and Warner Bros. will seek to one day come together for such a sure-fire joint-venture blockbuster money train. This is surely where this is all leading to, if the folks in Hollywood are smart.