If you’re wondering: no, I’m not going to the Garth Brooks concert in Saskatoon

This is one of my increasingly rare “Life in Saskatchewan” posts today. Rare because, as you know, life here is usually dull and not usually worth talking about. 

Apart from the Roughriders and maybe the Rush, there simply ain’t a lot of exciting things to do in Saskatchewan most of the time — especially during the winter. And the people here really feel it, they all suffer from this terminal boredom.

So you can imagine why there was so much insanity at 10am this morning when the tickets went on sale for the Garth Brooks concert in Saskatoon at SaskTel Centre for June 11. It was like tossing a lifeline to the populace here, this news that Garth was coming.

Country music fans descended on Ticketmaster like a hungry pack of wolves and scooped up tickets for Garth in Saskatoon by the truckload. The tickets sold so fast that they added five more shows! So now Garth is doing six shows in four days!

In total, over 86,000 tickets were sold today for Garth Brooks, breaking the Rolling Stones‘ provincial record of 80,127 easily. 

In fact, I even notice the hashtag #GARTHinSASKATOON was the number one hashtag trend on Twitter today. And the number two trend was the words “Garth Brooks”. So yeah, this was a big deal today. A very big deal.

Me, I didn’t buy any tickets. It figures.

It actually takes a heck of a lot to get me to shell out for tickets for any concert, even big ones with very big names at them. (I didn’t go to Paul McCartney either when he was in Regina.) I think I’ve paid to see maybe one major concert in my life and that was that massive 2003 Rolling Stones show in Toronto. The rest of the ones I’ve been to have basically all been freebies. Let’s face it, folks, when it comes to musical acts I’m just a big cheapskate. 

Update: I found this funny, but I recently overheard someone mentioning that Bob Dylan couldn’t get these kind of numbers in Saskatoon. True.