Meet Ted Cruz’s running mate, Carly Fiorina. Someone tell Ted he isn’t the nominee.

The big news today is that Sen. Ted Cruz, candidate for President of the United States, announced that his pick for the Vice-President spot on his ticket is Carly Fiorina. The problem for Cruz, though, is he’s got no ticket. The Cruz campaign just got completely walloped in the Northeast on Tuesday. His “ticket” got punched, all right, right in the face, yet Cruz is acting today as if things are all fine. They’re not! Not for him, anyway.

I’d be more interested in an announcement by Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton about who they’d pick for Veep, because that is more likely to actually happen. All Cruz is doing is delaying the inevitable with this announcement, which looks to me like an attempt to get votes in California. At this stage Carly Fiorina has about as much chance of being elected Vice-President in 2016 as Kim Kardashian

In other news, Trump gave a big policy speech today and I’m rather surprised because he actually sort of made sense, for a change. Story here.