The Donald Trump tornado plows through the Northeast! This GOP race looks over.

It has been a big day and night of news. As you know, earlier I was waiting and watching for these dangerous tornadoes to hit Kansas and Oklahoma today. After a while, I got tired of waiting and tuned in the primary night coverage from the Northeast instead, where Donald Trump swept Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Connecticut and Rhode Island on the GOP side, while Hillary Clinton has taken three states and Bernie Sanders one (Rhode Island) on the Democratic side. (Connecticut is still not decided as of this writing.)

To me, it still looks like Sanders is wasting his time remaining in the Democratic race. Trump actually just said in his speech tonight that he thinks Sanders ought to run as an independent! I’m guessing maybe he could, because that is the only shot he has now at the White House. If that indeed happens, wow, would that ever pose problems for Hillary.

As for the GOP side, it really looks now like John Kasich and Ted Cruz are wasting their time. I don’t see how anyone can make any kind of case of denying Trump the nomination, even though lots of Republicans still hate him. The cold hard truth is that Trump is winning too many states. I know Cruz and Kasich have this sort of “alliance” going now to try and stop Trump in the primaries, and I know Cruz is going through the motions interviewing vice-presidential candidates (including Carly Fiorina). 

But efforts to deny Trump the nomination, after this latest string of wins, really do threaten to be a debacle for the party. If this happens at the convention it really will reek of the “establishment” trying to block the will of the people, and it would surely lead to Trump quitting the party and running as an independent. But I don’t think that will happen, because Trump looks like he will clean up the remaining states anyway. He is certainly going to take California, in my opinion. Honestly, this looks like it is all over but the shouting.

So that is my thought about that. The other thing I was following tonight was that crazy Toronto Raptors comeback against the Indiana Pacers to win 102-99 — a game decided right at the end when it was ruled Indiana failed to get off a three point bucket in time for the buzzer. So the Raptors are up in their series 3-2, and we’ll see if they can advance in game six. 

And speaking of Indiana — that state is next up on the hit list for Trump and crew on the road to Cleveland.