It’s tornado season!! Big storms in the forecast for Tuesday in Tornado Alley!

Well, we are at that time of year again folks. 

That is right, it’s tornado season. It is the season in which Americans in Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Texas and other states routinely head to their storm shelters to hide from Mother Nature. 

And while I am tempted to gloat, the fact is I am living in the Saskatchewan version of “Tornado Alley” right now, so we have to worry about these things as well. The difference here is that we really don’t have to worry for at least a few more weeks. Those folks down there have to worry RIGHT NOW. Yikes.

Yesterday, in between hockey games, I tuned in to see some of the tornado activity going on in central Kansas, and potentially even worse weather is in store for this week. The storm chasers are all set for a big chase day tomorrow, Tuesday. The Weather Channel has a grim-looking forecast out for tomorrow and Wednesday, and the folks there seem really worried about what could transpire on the plains. We don’t know exactly where the storms will hit but it’s still a scary forecast, in general.

All the usual chasers are down there right now, and some of them are getting an early start looking for storms. I notice the local Saskatchewan storm chasing team the Tornado Hunters (of CMT Canada fame) are down there this week as well. So this system should be worth watching for the severe weather fans. We shall see what transpires tomorrow; hopefully it won’t be too awful for people.