US politics: it increasingly looks as if it is definitely going to be Clinton vs Trump

I have not had too much of a chance to digest the New York primary results, mainly because I spent much of my Tuesday evening doing other things (on assignment).

This US primary season has lasted quite a bit longer than a lot of people thought it would, but it sure looks as if it is finally winding down for both the Democrats and Republicans. 

In particular, the victories in New York of both Hillary Clinton on the Democratic side and Donald Trump on the Republican side has sobered both parties. Moreover, Ted Cruz was badly clobbered in New York, finishing in third place, behind even John Kasich. So the Cruz campaign has now just lost a ton of credibility and momentum. Cruz looks doomed, no matter what he does now.

Regarding Trump, I think this complete rout of his in New York has calmed down all the talk of a “brokered convention.” Even if he falls short of getting the magic number of delegates from the primaries, I think Trump may still end up rounding up enough delegates to come over to him so he can win on the first ballot anyway. The main thing is that Trump is back to winning primaries again, and the realization is slowly but surely setting in for the big shots in the GOP party that ignoring the will of the people, expressed in the primaries, is a big disaster waiting to happen for the GOP. So because the people want Trump, they have to accept him as the nominee, even if they can’t stand him.

Still, Trump does need to mend fences (which he seems to be doing now) and start being more presidential and less crazy; otherwise, he will have zero hope past the convention in Cleveland. Unfortunately, he shot off his big mouth again in opposing putting Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill, so I don’t know. It is exactly this type of thing that has been preventing Trump from completely putting this thing on ice. This race won’t be over until the Donald learns to shut up occasionally.

As for the Democrats, reality is setting in for everyone that Hillary has it pretty much locked up. New York was the last real hope for Bernie Sanders, and if he can’t make it there he can’t make it anywhere (twisting the words of Sinatra). Sanders had been on a big winning streak as of late, but was still well behind in the delegate count in spite of it all. In particular, he had made no progress at all in attracting super-delegates. Now, after Tuesday, it really looks like it is over.

I read this piece about the Sanders campaign and their supporters, and how they are dealing with all this. It is clear the Sanders supporters finally realize they cannot win and are having a hard time accepting it. I think the central campaign is having an even harder time accepting their fate. It looks as if this campaign might fight to the bitter end, no matter what. In fact, I read they’ve opened a campaign office in California. Not exactly a move a campaign would make if it was about to throw in the towel.

So the primary season may still go on a little while yet, but it looks to me like the end is in sight. Enjoy watching the primary night coverage on CNN on Tuesdays, while they last.