RIP Prince, and Mike Duffy walks free, all part of today’s News from Nowhere

There has been a lot of breaking news on this day of News from Nowhere, so let’s get on with it. 

First, the bad news. Prince has died. Age 57.

Yes, another musical legend has left us in what is turning into a really bad year of musical legends leaving us (David Bowie, Merle Haggard, etc.). And yet again, this is another one of these musicians from my time growing up in the Eighties who has died. I have almost the same reaction to this as to the death of Michael Jackson.

The two main things I will remember Prince for is (a) he ditched his name and wanted to be known by some weird symbol for a time (and was referred during that period as “The Artist Formerly Known as Prince”), and (b) ahem, he always seemed to be surrounded by women. In particular, among the amazing talented women he was associated with were Vanity (RIP) and Carmen Electra.

There had been stories this week that Prince was not well, there was that incident in which a plane had to make an emergency landing because he was so ill, and he had to be taken to a hospital? Apparently he was battling the flu for weeks. But no one expected this news. Anyway, RIP Prince.

And more sad news to report from the WWE, Chyna has died. Also today, former James Bond director Guy Hamilton has died. And earlier this week, Doris Roberts died as well.

On to happier news — happy for one person, at least. Here in Canada, the big decision came today in the trial against Mike Duffy, and he totally walked — beating 31 charges in total. This is yet another total defeat and total humiliation for prosecutors in Ontario, far worse than what happened with Ghomeshi.

So Duffy gets to go home free. I have no idea what to make of the entire Senate expenses scandal now, based on this. I guess we were all wrong about Duffy and about the Senate. He must be a good guy after all, having worked so hard on behalf of the people of Canada.

So why did everyone raise so much heck about Duffy’s expenses and about his PEI residency qualifications in the first place, then, if what he did wasn’t criminal (according to this judge’s ruling)? One word sums it up: Politics. This was all about getting rid of Harper, nothing more. And as everyone has noticed and has pointed out already, media interest in the Duffy trial went straight downhill right after Justin Trudeau won the election. Anyway, this is definitely the end of this story.

In other news from Canada, this country is going to pot. Legalization coming.

In the USA this week came the big announcement that Harriet Tubman is the woman chosen to go on the $20 bill, replacing President Andrew Jackson. This is all in the name of progress, and too bad for Andrew Jackson.

Of course, here in Canada we are way more progressive than these Americans. We’ve had women on our currency for years — namely, Queen Elizabeth II, who is now age 90

Finally, the world is freaking out over the recent deadly earthquakes in Japan and in Ecuador, and people are worrying this could soon mean earthquakes in other places — such as the Pacific Northwest! Aargh!

With that, I will call it a day.