Coming soon — poll closings in Manitoba!

The polls close within the half-hour in the province of Manitoba which is holding its provincial election today. The expectation is that tonight will be the latest in a long string of bad news for the New Democratic Party as it is expected the PCs will win a massive majority. I find this race particularly interesting because I covered PC leader Brian Pallister while I was a reporter in Manitoba years ago, when he was the local MP. That he may become Premier is something I find amusing. 

For that matter, I also interviewed the current Premier Greg Selinger a couple of times, so it will be interesting to find out his fate as well. Anyway, results can be found here from the CBC, CTV Winnipeg, and Global. Polls close at 8pm CDT.

(But if you are more interested in American politics than Manitoba politics — polls close in New York State at the same time.)