It is excruciating to be a Canadian sports fan today! #raptors #bluejays #nhl

You know, it was bad enough Canada’s NHL teams all missed the playoffs — an absence now being sorely noticed this week by Canadian sports fans watching all these hockey shows on Canadian TV, with these anchors all trying in vain to drum up people’s interest in these all-American Stanley Cup playoffs.

But it’s even worse than that for Canadian fans. The Toronto Blue Jays are adding to this misery with a 5-7 start, having lost two in a row to Boston. And now today, in the NBA playoffs, the Toronto Raptors have yet again reminded Canadians that they are the Raptors. They dropped Game One to Indiana, 100-90.

So it looks like they may soon be gone, too, as usual, just like all the NHL teams. And if that happens — boy, will folks at TSN ever be ticked off, because they were counting on the Raptors for ratings.

It almost makes you want to resign as a Canadian sports fan! But look on the bright side. If the Raptors do go down in the playoffs again, it will free up everyone’s time this spring to go to the movies. “I’m cheering for Superman!” “Batman all the way!” 

Definitely more exciting than Canadian sports at the moment.