Good news, sports fans: if you’re bored with the NHL there’s always the NBA


Tonight marks the start of the NHL playoffs, which normally for Canadians is as anticipated a moment as Christmas Day. Unfortunately for Canada, all the teams are American, which is bound to mean much less interest north of the U.S. border. 

The good news is that all is not lost — if the NHL bores you to death, don’t worry, life is more interesting in the NBA anyway. 

Tonight as the regular season ends, Kobe Bryant says farewell with his last NBA game. Also, tonight is the night the Golden State Warriors try to beat the Chicago Bulls record for wins in a season, as they go up against Memphis for win #73. 

Heck, if you Canadians are going to watch American teams play it might as well be the NBA, since Americans care more about that league anyway.

May I add the Toronto Raptors made the playoffs. That’s one more Canadian team in the entire NBA playoffs than there is in the entire NHL playoffs.