Saskatchewan election tomorrow; final week was quite low key  #skvotes


Tomorrow is Election Day in Saskatchewan. Voters go to the polls tomorrow and after 8pm CST the results will come in. There is little doubt about the outcome and Premier Brad Wall and the Saskatchewan Party is expected to cruise to victory. The only real question is how massive the win will be and which particular ridings might prove to be NDP holdouts to the Sask Party wave. 

On a personal note, I am glad that I have just about survived yet another election. While I would like to be able to give you links to stories from an exciting final week of the campaign, I really don’t have much to share — mainly because compared to the week of events before, it simply was not a very exciting week. In fact, this whole campaign in this area has been rather dull and boring, when you think of it. This riding (The Battlefords) has simply not been the battleground people expected it would be, and there are reasons for that. Mostly, it has to do with the overall provincial NDP campaign landing with such a thud, forcing their central campaign (and the Sask Party, too) to focus efforts on the other cities. 

If you want to know the truth, I am kind of envious of the folks in the neighbouring state of North Dakota who are having a far more interesting time of it this weekend. The GOP had their state convention in Fargo this weekend where celebrities like Ted Cruz and Ben Carson showed up. Among other things, they selected national convention delegates this weekend, and the national implications for the Republican party were, in Donald Trump’s language, “yuge.” 

That kind of says it all right there, the fact that even North Dakota’s politics has become more interesting than Saskatchewan’s at the moment. How times have changed. Anyway, I will be very active on social media on provincial election night, as that is where most of my coverage will be. See you tomorrow, political junkies.