“March of Death” continues: Patty Duke among latest big names who’ve left us

You know, I’ve called this month the “March of Death” because of all the famous people who died during March already, but this is absolutely no laughing matter. 

Among other things, I am battling a rather nasty bug of my own right now that put me in bed all weekend, and I am still not over it. I am still coughing and wheezing. So I really do need to take it easy to avoid being part of the “March of Death” myself. 

Anyway, that said, here are the latest names to depart.

Patty Duke, former Academy Award winner and star of her own Sixties sitcom, is dead at 69. I think I mainly remember her from her many appearances on The Match Game in the Seventies.

Terrible news from Quebec as political commentator and former MP Jean Lapierre was among several killed in a plane crash today. Horrible story.

Actor James Noble, best known as Governor Gatling on Benson, has also died, age 94.

Actress Maggie Blye, who appeared in the 1966 movie The Italian Job, is dead at 73.

Breaking just in the last hour: Lester C. Thurow, prominent economist, is dead.

Mother Mary Angelica, the Catholic nun who built the Eternal Word Television Network, has died age 92.

Jim Harrison, author of Legends of the Fall, has died.

I should have probably mentioned this in the previous post about the March of Death but soccer star Johan Cruyff died recently. Barcelona held a moment of silence for him at their match today.

And this item isn’t exactly the “March of Death” because he’s still alive, but I notice the National Enquirer had a front-page story that declared Michael Douglas was dying of cancer. Great, just great, that’s exactly what I needed to see in the checkout line at the local pharmacy. 

(For the record, Douglas is denying the rumors.)

The end of March cannot come soon enough, folks. 

Update: and we get word that Ronnie Corbett of The Two Ronnies has died. Which reminds me, Paul Daniels also died this month.