Lahore terrorism, DC shootings, and other bad News from Nowhere

Welcome to what will be a fairly short News from Nowhere — although honestly it is going to seem more like “Bad News Roundup” given the bad news going on in the world.

First of all, this Easter saw a horrific terror attack in a public park in Lahore, Pakistan in which some 70 people were killed. It just never ends, anywhere in the world.

Then just today, in Washington D.C. at the visitor center at the Capitol, a suspect pulled a gun and was shot by police. That put the White House in lockdown for a time.

In Toronto, the mourning is on for former Mayor Rob Ford who lies in repose at City Hall.

In supermodel news Janice Dickinson has announced she has breast cancer

Ahem. Remember how President Barack Obama was trying to open doors to Cuba? Seems Fidel Castro has some thoughts of his own, and none too complimentary, either.

In other news, the governor of Georgia is vetoing a controversial “religious liberty” bill. 

Other US politics news: Democrats held their “Western Saturday” contests on the weekend and Bernie Sanders is not going away. He swept Alaska, Washington and Hawaii. But Sanders is still way behind Hillary Clinton in delegates.

Over on the Republican side, the mudslinging is still rather intense between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. But look on the bright side — Trump’s daughter Ivanka had a baby on the weekend.

On that happy note, I think I’d better call it quits.