Sports week: night of the fights in Flin Flon gives SJHL some rare news coverage

It’s Easter and it’s spring, which means one thing around many parts of Canada — the playoffs are on in junior hockey. Well, it’s good there are hockey playoffs happening somewhere in Canada, since the Canadian NHL teams are all letting their country down.

Here locally, the SJHL playoffs are on, and will continue to be on for several more games yet. Last night, the Battlefords North Stars beat the Kindersley Klippers to advance to the league semi-finals, where they will face the Flin Flon Bombers. 

Yes, that’s right — those Flin Flon Bombers, who made national news this week for that massive, embarrassing fight they got into after Game 4 with the Weyburn Red Wings at the Whitney Forum in Flin Flon.

What happened was that a moose leg was thrown onto the ice, a local tradition in celebration of the Bombers’ home playoff game win. Sort of like the “octopus” in Detroit. Unfortunately, a Weyburn player picked up the moose leg and carried it away, which set off the Bombers and, oh, well — a massive fight ensued with both benches clearing to the sounds of Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” on the loudspeakers.

In fact, this fight made the CBC News, which is funny because I hardly ever see stories from the CBC about the SJHL. So to see a league that I’ve covered over the past number of years make the CBC News makes me feel — proud, almost? 

Anyway, this sort of craziness is what the North Stars are in store for in the next round. Word of advice to the players: don’t mess with the moose leg