Garry Shandling’s passing is the latest bad news in what has been a “March of Death”

It has been a rough week in the news. Every time you look at Twitter or somewhere, there is news of someone else famous or important who has passed away. 

Today, Garry Shandling died unexpectedly at age 66, and this is a real blow because he was a serious comedic talent. “It’s Garry Shandling’s Show.” “The Larry Sanders Show“. What a loss for the comedy world. 

Overall, it has been a really, really bad month for prominent people dying. I am calling this the “March of Death”, because that is what it is. Here are some other big names who have departed us this month:

Ken Howard of The White Shadow fame. Age 71.

Joe Garagiola, of baseball and NBC Sports fame. Age 90.

Andy Grove, of Intel. Age 79.

Ray Tomlinson, creator of email, age 74.

From the world of music: Keith Emerson, Sir George Martin and Frank Sinatra Jr.

Nancy Reagan, former First Lady. Age 94.

George McLean of CBC News, age 92.

Just the other day, Alberta MP Jim Hillyer died, age 41.

And of course, Tray Walker of the Baltimore Ravens, age 23.

There are more, but that gives you an idea. Of course, people are still coming to terms in Toronto with Rob Ford’s passing, and he is to lie in repose at City Hall.

The timing of Shandling’s passing, in particular, could not be worse. Frankly, we could all use a few laughs at the moment.