A look back at another week on the Saskatchewan campaign trail


It is nearing the end of another week on the campaign trail in Saskatchewan. The good news is it will soon be over! The sooner, the better, I say. I will personally be really happy once April 4 gets here and this provincial election is over because, honestly, it is a lot of stress — especially when dealing with the people who take politics way too seriously. 

I guess the big news of the week was last night’s televised leaders’ debate. Let me tell you: Fox News or CNN this was not. I’ve said my piece already on Twitter about last night’s lousy shoutfest. The leaders were talking over one another and while the moderator, Costa Maragos, is a good guy, he simply lost control of the proceedings. He needed to step in and be more of a referee under the circumstances. I blame the format of the debate more than any other factor for allowing this to happen. 

And it was only the two main leaders who were up there. Imagine if the smaller parties had been invited. No one would have gotten a word in! It would have been an even worse gong show. Anyway, enough of that. 

Here are links to my campaign stories this week:

First, there was the visit of Premier Brad Wall to the Battlefords. Picture above.

Next was the Chamber of Commerce all-candidates forum — in which the local NDP candidate used some of Wall’s own words from the day before against him in debate.

Finally there was the CUPE forum last night. Unfortunately, calling it an “all-candidates” forum was a stretch because only two candidates actually made it — the incumbent MLA not being one of them. But at least their cookies from Tim Hortons were good, so I can’t complain.

It is a holiday weekend which means I have the next three days off! Boy, do I ever need it.