Rob Ford is dead, and terrorism hits Brussels. That tops today’s Bad News Roundup

It has been a particularly sad day of news today here at the Bad News Roundup:

Former Toronto mayor Rob Ford lost his cancer fight today. The story above from the CBC.

The controversial, larger than life mayor was just 46. Whether you were for him because of his “respect for taxpayers” and commitment to his constituents, or against him because of his combative style of politicking, his behavior or his addiction problems, either way this is just an unbelievably tragic end for Ford and his whole family. I’m watching the news coverage from Toronto right now and reading the Twitter tweets, and it is just a sad time there — even for the people who made fun of him. RIP Rob Ford.

And that is not the only bad news today. Today 30 people were killed in bombings at the international airport and at a Metro station in Brussels. ISIS is claiming responsibility. 

What other bad news is there? Oh, yeah, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government brought down a budget and the deficit is through the roof. $29 billion.

Arizona and Utah weigh in on the presidential race tonight. I don’t know whether that will be good news or not.