Now, links to my Saskatchewan election stories


(Pictured above: the photo that runs with my John Cairns’ Leg Watch column in the newspaper.)

Rather than bore my readers to tears with the usual US presidential election news, I thought I would share some Saskatchewan election stories. Even though SK provincial politics is part of my beat, I really haven’t been obsessively blogging or Tweeting this vote – mainly because by doing so, you really are announcing to the world that you are a boring person.

Still, it has been an eventful last several days on the trail, especially last weekend when the NDP campaign basically imploded. They fired the campaign manager and dropped four candidates due to their awful social media posts. Then on Monday, everyone went nuts over the past DUI convictions of some of the candidates. Today, there have been more embarrassing NDP candidate tweets released – something to do with ugly TV news anchors. 

So, yeah, it’s not the most inspiring campaign ever, but there are still a couple of weeks until people vote on April 4. Anyway, here are the stories I have filed so far: 

Here’s one on the Battlefords campaign opening for Herb Cox and another from the same interview where he talks about funding for the local homeless shelter, a big local issue.

Next up are stories on the NDP candidate Rob Feist from his official office opening and then a week later after party leader Cam Broten visited. 

Third, this story on the local Liberals. Just before the election I also filed a story on the visit to Battleford of leader Darrin Lamoureux and the release of their First Nations policy.

Premier Brad Wall has not paid a visit to the riding yet, but he was at the grand opening of one of the Husky Energy plants in Edam a week before the election call, and that visit had some political overtones to it. I’m still waiting for the Premier to show up for an election event here.

I also filed this story about what pollster Cam Cooper found out about the public’s mood regarding the economy. 

Next week there are two all-candidates meetings planned, so I will be busy. I did up this story, where we report that one of the forums is up against an SJHL Battlefords North Stars playoff game! Yes, indeed, the locals have their real priorities and politics isn’t one of them.

That is all my election coverage for now, as I look forward to some much needed days off this weekend!