Tomorrow is the most important 2016 primary day yet in the USA

It is an important primary day tomorrow in Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio and of course Florida — the same state I flew past last December on my way to my vacation in Cuba. 

In honor of that important primary state, I have put up this logo of the Florida Gators — which illustrates perfectly what is likely to happen to Marco Rubio tomorrow. He may be the state’s U.S. Senator, but he and his presidential hopes are likely going to be swallowed up by the Donald Trump juggernaut — just like what happens when alligators swallow up a human being. A Rubio defeat in Florida will surely finish him off.

(I guess I could have perhaps put up the Florida State Seminoles logo instead, to signify Rubio’s presidential campaign potentially getting the “tomahawk chop.” Either way, Rubio looks like toast.)

As for Ohio, it looks like John Kasich might win there, which would keep him alive for another week, perhaps. But really, the opponents to Trump are dropping like flies. If Rubio is KOed tomorrow and Trump also wins everywhere else, this could be it for everyone, Kasich and Ted Cruz included.

Over on the Democrat side, we have the potential for more Bernie Sanders upsets tomorrow as well. So be ready for a big night tomorrow — potentially a night when we could see a knock-out blow delivered in the presidential race. 

Then after that who knows, maybe I’ll be able to concentrate on the Saskatchewan election race.

So that is the big US political story. I suppose the other news is the crisis over at Breitbart, with reporters quitting the conservative news site in disgust over its support for Donald Trump.