Donald Trump campaign event has turned violent! Rally in Chicago cancelled tonight

You know, I am trying very hard not to be a Donald Trump bash-fest every night. I really want to move on from his overall train-wreck. But it really is getting impossible to turn away from the lunacy that regularly emanates from that campaign on a nightly basis.

The latest mayhem erupted tonight in Chicago, when the crowd turned unruly at a Trump campaign event, forcing the event to be cancelled. I watched some of this on a live feed a moment ago, it really is absolute chaos. Apparently, protesters crashed the event and tempers got hot. Reminds me of hockey games I’ve covered.

This latest violence comes just days after Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields was assaulted at a Trump event. Folks, this is what politics has come to in the United States of America.

Now, this past week, I have been busy trying to cover the first week of the Saskatchewan provincial election campaign here and I have been writing up a whack of election stories, and sending out invites to candidates for our election all-candidates profile pages that we usually run. 

I can tell you this race in Saskatchewan is already getting very ugly, with mudslinging, election signs being defaced, party offices vandalized, and two NDP candidates already being kicked out as candidates because of their past outrageous social media posts. 

So yes, it’s getting bad here, but admittedly not like the United States. At least, not yet. What a sad state of affairs down there.