Today in law news, Erin Andrews wins her stalking case. $55 million award by the jury

Rather than focus on the usual depressing political news that everyone is fed up hearing about, I thought I would focus on the other news going on in the world.

First off, the Erin Andrews case has been going on in court in Nashville, Tennessee. 

Come to think of it, maybe I should stick to political coverage. This case was just depressing, but I was looking for any half-decent televised celebrity court case to follow, and found this.

Andrews was suing the stalker and the Marriott hotel over that awful peeping-Tom incident with the video of her winding up on the Internet. Needless to say, there wasn’t too much drama over the final verdict. Today the jury came back with a whopping $55 million verdict in her favor, with the disgusting peeping-Tom on the hook for $28 million and Marriott $27 million. 

So now that this case is over, what else is out there for the trial junkies to follow? Oh yeah, that’s right — the $100 million Hulk Hogan lawsuit of Gawker over publishing his sex tape.

As I said, I really should stick to politics news.