UFC 196 was a great night for MMA fans but terrible for the UFC ($$$)!!

By now you must have heard about the shocking turn of events in the UFC last night at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Not only did Miesha Tate finish off Holly Holm in the fifth round to win the women’s bantamweight title, but Nate Diaz shocked Conor McGregor with a second round chokeout to win the welterweight title!! 

This, of course, screws things up big time for Dana White in setting up his future UFC fight cards. McGregor, who was moving up in weight class for this fight, was a fearsome superstar in the making and had this aura about him, all of which is now down the toilet. This is potentially millions of dollars right down the tubes. And keep in mind Diaz was a last minute replacement. All in all, a massive upset. I predict McGregor will be back, but probably not for a while.

As for Holm’s defeat, this really screws up the plans for that much-anticipated rematch with Ronda Rousey. I guess it could still happen — as a non-title fight, with the winner getting Tate?!

I dunno, I don’t envy Dana White today. But it was sure exciting for the fans and the reason we are hooked on the UFC.