Takeaway from Super Saturday: Ted Cruz is the only viable alternative to Trump. Period.


The “shakeout” to determine the alternative to Donald Trump in the GOP field is now officially over. After yesterday, it is obvious that Ted Cruz is the one viable candidate left on the Republican side who can possibly take down the Donald. 

This, after Cruz won convincingly in Kansas and Maine and finished second in Louisiana and Kentucky. For opponents of Trump, it is clearly fresh hope. Yesterday’s result was certainly not the end of the world for Trump’s campaign by any means, but the results create a lot of problems. Up to now Trump had the advantage of a crowded and divided field of candidates against him, and no clear alternative. That’s ending. 

Republicans in these four states on Saturday gave a big signal going forward to the other GOP voters in other states about who to support in order to stop Trump. Their message was: “If you want to keep Trump from getting the nomination, you have to vote for Ted Cruz.”

The Republican establishment may not like this message, and may not like him, but this is the reality going forward.