We love the 90s!! Fuller House, X-Files, Baywatch and O.J. highlight the Nineties revival

Read this piece at the CBC website about the revival of interest in the decade of the Nineties. 

Honestly, though, this is nothing new, it has gone on a little while now. I mentioned before that there is always a big nostalgia wave for the decade that happened 20 years earlier, no matter what decade it is. As I previously pointed out, in the Seventies, there was all this Fifties interest with Happy Days, Grease and so on. In the Eighties, it was the Sixties and in particular Vietnam (Platoon, China Beach etc.). In the Nineties we got That 70s Show. In the 2000s we got I Love the 80s on VH1. 

And so on. Mark my words: 20 years from now, people will be all nostalgic for the Kardashians, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Game of Thrones, Better Call Saul and the other stuff from this decade, even though this uptight politics-obsessed decade has been awful in general. Heck, people might even get nostalgic for Bernie Sanders, or even Joe Biden! 

But yes, it seems as if we are getting lots of Nineties stuff showing up again. 

As one really good example of what we have seen on TV, they brought back The X-Files. Yes indeed, Mulder and Scully are back, and what’s more, they really turned on the hype machine for this show by airing it right after the Super Bowl. Not only that, it’s the original actors, too, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson! 

I understand this miniseries has wrapped up now, but I am guessing it will be back at some point, as the series ended on a cliffhanger.

Another good example: Fuller House, the revival of the old Full House show. And it is being shown the 21st Century way, on Netflix. 

Honestly, though, I never liked the original Full House and cannot understand its appeal. The X-Files, yes, I get why people would want it back, but this? I guess maybe girls liked John Stamos, or something. Anyway, I thought it was an utterly witless show that epitomized all that was bad about Disney ownership of ABC. Full House deserved to stay stuck in the Nineties. 

Another mindless show that deserves to stay in the Nineties is Baywatch, but Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron are insisting on bringing it back as a major motion picture, even though Baywatch seems out of step with our uptight times. Or maybe they think bringing it back will be an antidote to our uptight times, who knows? Heck, we sure need one. Anyway, I notice they have been busy lately promoting the female cast. Among them are Priyanka Chopra and Alexandra Daddario!

Apparently David Hasselhoff has been recruited to appear in this production as well, presumably to help save this effort from certain doom. Anyway, Baywatch is yet one more item from the Nineties rescued from the vault.

Of course, the defining time of the Nineties was the O.J. Simpson murder trial, and the miniseries American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson continues to get people watching and talking about it on FX. In fact, just the other day there was some news: apparently people were tearing down O.J.’s old Brentwood estate and somebody had found a knife!

Alas, it sounds like this was probably not the murder weapon. And so the “mystery” goes on, as does our continuing fascination with the Nineties.