In case you were wondering: I spent Friday in Edmonton, land of the NHL.

After what has seemed like ages, I finally took a road trip to Edmonton yesterday. Enjoyed listening to Edmonton and Calgary sports talk stations on the radio while driving.

I have to say – I found it refreshing, very refreshing, to hear the radio hosts spend their time talking about the NHL, and a little bit of the Blue Jays and UFC and English Premier League, instead of what fans are stuck with in Saskatchewan. 

And what do fans get stuck with in Saskatchewan? Why, what else — nonstop coverage of the Saskatchewan Roughriders and the CFL. Even when it’s NHL season.

It’s at the point now where they cannot even do an NHL story without the ‘Riders being mentioned! This week the news was about how ‘Riders fans were invading Arizona with their green jerseys to see the Arizona Coyotes play the Anaheim Ducks! And I know people want to show their “Rider Pride” but this, folks, is getting ridiculous.

This is the offseason, guys. Let’s focus on the other sports that are actually going on right now, shall we? This is a paid political announcement.