Post-Super Tuesday analysis: Trump in control, rest of GOP still in utter chaos

Here are quick thoughts on the state of the GOP race after yesterday. I agree with the National Review analysis that Donald Trump will either win the nomination outright or there will be a brokered convention to try and stop him, because no one else really is in position to really stop him on their own. Ed Rollins goes even further and says Trump basically has it in the bag.

I’ll say this: if Trump ends up winning the most states by the time of the convention, as he has been doing, any attempt by the GOP to try and sandbag him in Cleveland will be a complete effing debacle. Trump would accuse the party bosses of backstabbing him, and the party will surely split in two and hand the general election to Hillary. In short, even if such a plan succeeds, it is not even close to being a good idea.

The real problem is the main challengers are simply not strong enough. The best hope of what is left of the traditional conservative GOP, Marco Rubio, did next to nothing on Tuesday. The only state he won was Minnesota. He might as well have won Canada. Super Tuesday was his big test to prove he could win, and he flubbed it. And now it looks like he is facing certain defeat soon in his home state of Florida, which will kill any and all of his credibility. The same air of death that took down the Jeb Bush campaign is fast showing up in regards to the Rubio effort. He is sinking fast.

Not sinking quite as fast is Ted Cruz, who won three states — including a late win in Alaska — to establish himself as the best hope of being a rival to Trump. 

But it wasn’t like that was so great a showing, and the GOP establishment still hates him, too. Yet even people like Lindsey Graham are now contemplating the depressing prospect of having to hold their noses to support Cruz, just to stop that intolerant Trump character from taking the entire party off the cliff.

As for the rest, John Kasich still refuses to quit, even though he is no better than a spoiler candidate at the moment. But there is a ray of hope: Ben Carson could finally be getting out. He is not going to be at the next Fox News debate Thursday night in Detroit.

All in all, this GOP party threatens to absolutely tear itself apart if nothing is done soon to smooth things over. I guess Trump tried to look more presidential during his news conference last night down in Florida, although Chris Christie seemed decidedly uncomfortable to be there. Anyway, if Trump really wants to be a viable presidential candidate beyond the GOP convention, he needs to mend fences and start acting presidential, right now. 

Meanwhile, Mitt Romney is planning to give a big speech tomorrow on the state of this race, and it should be interesting to say the least. Who knows what he will say.