Chris Rock kills at the Oscars, and other News from Nowhere this eve of Super Tuesday

Welcome to News from Nowhere for this Monday “Leap Day”. I guess everyone is still settling down after the big Oscar telecast last night. 

As I had threatened, I didn’t bother to watch most of the first part of the show — instead, I followed much of the reaction on Twitter. A far better way to follow this borefest, in my opinion, though I did tune in to the last hour on TV. It sounds like this was actually the most watchable Oscar show in years, believe it or not, mainly because host Chris Rock took everyone down a notch and put an end to the usual self-congratulation we have come to expect from the Academy. When he called Hollywood “sorority racist,” he nailed it exactly. 

Also, the entire night was helped by some big surprises, as Spotlight took Best Picture and Sylvester Stallone failed to win Best Supporting Actor to the shock of everyone. So in general, it was probably a more interesting show than usual, even though it went on way too long. Again.

In other news — we are on the eve of Super Tuesday, the slate of primaries impacting a large number of states and with a large number of delegates at stake. Based simply on what happened Saturday in South Carolina, Hillary Clinton should pretty much have the Democratic nomination all wrapped up as of tomorrow. Bernie Sanders really is sinking fast, and the South clearly has no use for him.

As for the Republicans, it looks like a near sweep is possible for Donald Trump, with Texas likely a holdout for Ted Cruz. And the endorsements have been rolling in for Trump. Among the latest endorsing him: David Duke of the KKK! 

Well, that has proved to be yet another farce. Trump’s clumsy attempt to disavow Duke’s dubious endorsement has proven to be yet another controversy for his circus act of a campaign

It’s stuff like this that would usually sink other people. It’s this sort of thing that makes it mind-boggling that Trump is actually ahead with voters. Yet it is also pretty obvious why Trump is winning. Nobody is speaking up for the blue collar workers in American politics anymore, and most definitely, not in the Republican Party! These blue-collar folks are being hit and socked by plant closures and jobs being shipped abroad. The trade deficit issue is real, and so is homeland security and ISIS. But the only GOP candidate even bothering to really give lip service to their issues is Trump, even though his general approach is just plain nuts.

Many commentators are already talking about how American politics is undergoing a realignment, with the old left-right divide giving way to some sort of populists-versus-the elites dynamic which Trump is capitalizing on. Peggy Noonan wrote something for the Wall Street Journal about it called Trump and the Rise of the Unprotected. Also, Laura Ingraham wrote a piece about how the traditional Republican leaders have for years ignored what the Republican voters really wanted.

All in all, it sounds as if the pundits have gotten a very early start on the analysis of Super Tuesday. The results are not even in yet!  Anyway, we should be in for an interesting night tomorrow.

Other news: 

TSN TradeCentre was a bust! Very little happened at the NHL trade deadline today, so we were reduced to seeing Martin Biron firing T-shirt cannons at Jennifer Hedger. Surely, an all time low for TradeCentre.

In other NHL news, people north of the border are already starting to freak out of the prospect that no Canadian teams will make it to the NHL playoffs, and what this shocking turn of events will mean for NHL rights holder Rogers. (Answer: it means more people will tune in to “Rogers Blue Jays Baseball” instead, come April.)

In other sports, last week was the first Entry Draft for something called the Global Poker League, and you can read more about it here. Basically, it’s poker turned into a team sport, with a number of franchises all around the world. 

People are touting this concept as something that will spark the next “Poker Boom,” but to me the whole idea sounds crazy. I watched some of this GPL Entry Draft on Twitch last week, and the selections by some of these “franchises” were insane. I’ve literally never heard of many of these people. And also, from what I read at least one big name, Antonio Esfandiari, unexpectedly decided to opt out of the whole thing entirely! In any event, we shall see how this concept all turns out. At the very least, these “games” will prove ready filler programming on sports TV channels — particularly in Canada with none of their NHL teams in the playoffs.

News from TV news! Gord Martineau retired today as anchor of Citytv Toronto! This all happened rather suddenly. So another name from my time living in Toronto has departed the scene.

And George Kennedy missed out on being in the “In Memoriam” segment of the Oscar show by one day. The former Airport and Naked Gun actor died today

That is it for now.