Links to items I’ve reported on over the last while, including my Cuba vacation story


Work update again: this past week has been much quieter for me personally than it has been for a while as I had a number of scheduled days off (one of them a stat holiday). As a result, yesterday I was able to brave the inclement road conditions and was one of the over 11K fans at the Saskatchewan Rush game at SaskTel Centre, where I met and got autographs from the Seattle Sea Gals NFL cheerleaders. 

After the game the Rush held their usual autograph session, but even though the players and the Rush cheerleaders were also signing autographs the biggest lineup by far was for the Sea Gals. Gee, I wonder why… ! (I should also point out most of those in line for the Sea Gals were guys.)

Unfortunately, I never did get to tell the Sea Gals that my whole family has been to Seattle several times and that most of them now live not far away in British Columbia, where they get countless Seahawks games on TV.

Going to Saskatoon unfortunately meant missing out on free tickets to see comedian Tom Green perform in North Battleford, but that’s life. Anyway, given I have some free time today I thought I would post some links to the more interesting local stories I have reported on in recent weeks.

For those wondering if I feel I am missing out on all the political action with the primaries going on in the USA, don’t worry, there is still interesting political stuff going on here. I was recently at a Saskatchewan Young New Democrats provincial meeting in North Battleford, and had a chance to report on that. Soon, we’ll be covering the provincial election, so I’ll be inundated with political coverage soon.

Also, I posted a long-overdue story about my December vacation in Cuba, complete with some vacation pictures (like this one from Revolution Square in Havana, above). 

As with the story I did a few years ago about Las Vegas, this piece focused on providing tips and advice to travellers who may be considering that sun destination for a vacation. Unfortunately, I don’t think too many of the locals will be making travel plans any time soon. Vacation deals have really dried up as of late, not just for Cuba but everywhere in general. 

Finally, remember how I complained about having to miss watching New Hampshire primary night results because I had to go cover a Chamber of Commerce dinner? Well, my story on that event is here. Also, I’m happy to report the food was good.

That is all for now; stay tuned tonight for my live coverage here and on Twitter of the South Carolina and Nevada results. There won’t be any dinners interrupting that, I can assure you.