It’s on: David Cameron sets the big referendum on the EU for June 23

If you think all this seal-the-borders rhetoric coming from the USA is bad enough, be ready to listen to even more hot air over the next few months over in Great Britain. 

Prime Minister David Cameron has reached a deal on reforms with the European Union, and now will put Britain’s EU membership to a vote on June 23 in that long-awaited referendum of theirs. 

I am not looking forward to this, mainly because I am rapidly losing faith in the ability of voters to make rational, sensible decisions.

I know the EU has a lot of problems at the moment – refugees being the big one – and I sympathize with the people in the UK who say the bureaucrats in Brussels have too much power and so on. But my concern all along is that leaving the EU is going to go too far. I worry it will seal the borders and make trade with the rest of the EU much more difficult for the UK. 

I have something riding on this because I have dual British citizenship and potentially the ability to work anywhere in the EU right now if I so choose (and the way things are going in Canada, I may have to do this sooner rather than later!). For instance: if I wanted to finally use my Canadian Securities Course training and take a financial news job in Frankfurt, I could do it because I am a citizen of one of the member countries of the European Union. 

But if the Brits leave the EU, and by their own volition no less, then what happens? I’m guessing it would be summed up by the words “red tape”, and getting a job in the rest of Europe will become impossible. 

Also, think of all the Brits who already have jobs in the rest of Eurozone, especially those who took those jobs because they couldn’t find as good an opportunity back home in Britain. What happens to them? This really is a mess waiting to happen. 

Anyhow, I am not looking forward to seeing these Euroskeptics campaigning and doing their best Donald Trump impersonations over the next few months.