Forget Donald Trump versus the GOP field; it is now Trump versus Pope Francis!

This is beyond silly now. Donald Trump, candidate for President of the United States and well-known for getting into feuds with just about everyone, is now in a full-on feud with Pope Francis. 

Well, if you’re bent on getting into fights, you might as well fight the top people and you can’t go much higher than this. It begs the question, though, who will Trump take on next? The Dalai Lama?

Today, the Pope, while finishing his tour in Mexico, basically called out Trump by saying that someone who wants to build walls instead of building bridges “is not Christian.” 

Trump responded that for a “religious leader to question a person’s faith is disgraceful” and said he was, in fact, a good Christian.

Later, Trump appeared on tonight’s CNN GOP town hall with Anderson Cooper in South Carolina and he was suddenly saying nice things about Pope Francis. I guess Trump finally figures he has met his match and should maybe cool off. Or maybe he has simply found religion, I don’t know.

What a circus this Trump campaign has turned into, folks — and yet he is still winning.