South Carolina and Nevada are on my mind with this edition of News from Nowhere

Welcome to this edition of News from Nowhere where we count down the hours to the poll closing on Saturday in South Carolina (for the Republicans) and Nevada (for the Democrats). 

Polls show Bernie Sanders closing in on Hillary in Nevada. On the GOP side, as usual it is Donald Trump with an enormous lead, even though I notice there is a new NBC News poll out suggesting the national lead belongs to Ted Cruz(!). 

Meanwhile, the story of today on the Republican side is that Gov. Nikki Haley has endorsed Marco Rubio, much to the shock of the Jeb Bush campaign who thought Haley would endorse him! This, my friends, is a staggering blow to the Bush sinking ship. I gotta say, if Bush doesn’t put in a decent showing against Rubio in South Carolina, this could very well be it for him. His own supporters seem to getting especially nervous about what is going on in the race nationally, with the Donald still winning despite all his lunatic ranting and raving. Another Bush loss, and they all could bail out on him.

As for Hillary Clinton, she is clearly getting more and more desperate. I notice she recently rolled out Gloria Steinem and Madeleine Albright to try and shame their fellow women into voting for Clinton. 

I guess coming up with compelling and exciting policies for Americans to get behind is too much for the Hillary campaign. Maybe she should try that instead.

So that whole race goes on. I notice there are a couple of GOP town halls going tonight. I think I’ll watch hockey, instead.


In other news:

Pope Francis is in Mexico for what has been a somewhat wild tour. I notice Trump had something to say about this, too. He really doesn’t know when to keep quiet, does he? 

The Grammys were a glitch-fest, highlighted by Taylor Swift taking Kanye West down a notch. 

In magazine news, the new, redesigned, safe-for-work Playboy magazine is out and it is terrible! Not only is the nudity gone but worse yet, they also got rid of the cartoons! 

In fact Hugh Hefner’s son Cooper Hefner has spoken out about the changes at Playboy and has denounced the current management, basically saying “what the hell are they doing!?” Good on Cooper for telling it like it is.

In other magazine news, Sports Illustrated will have three different covers on their swimsuit issue and one of them is Ronda Rousey, who this week went on Ellen to say that she almost committed suicide after her UFC title loss to Holly Holm

I dunno. Honestly, I think the public is really getting sick of Ronda Rousey. Not only is she in SI, but she was on Saturday Night Live as well. All this publicity for a woman who no longer has the title! People are tired of her hype, and if she doesn’t get back to training soon instead of doing all this other stuff she’s doing, she’ll stay the non-champ.

As for the rest of sports, the reality of the NFL off-season has hit us all. This weekend, breaking the monotony is the Daytona 500. 

But if you want your offseason NFL fix, I notice the American sports talk hosts are still ranting about how Cam Newton blew off the press and sulked off in that Super Bowl post-game press conference after losing to the Broncos. I guess these folks on the radio don’t know what else to talk about.

That is all I feel like talking about for now.