Zoolander 2 is a flop and a dud! Just 22 percent at Rotten Tomatoes!


I am not going to say much about Deadpool, which blew away the President’s Day weekend box office with a four day domestic haul of $150 million (obliterating 50 Shades of Grey‘s record by $57 million).

No, instead I am going to discuss Zoolander 2, the much-anticipated sequel to the original Zoolander cult classic. And what a letdown it is for the fans! Just a $16 million four day domestic haul and a CinemaScore of C+, and a 22 percent rating as we speak from the critics at Rotten Tomatoes.

How badly did it do with the critics? So badly, in fact, that one famous critic walked out on it! 

Leonard Maltin of Entertainment Tonight fame bailed on Zoolander 2 after almost an hour, and explains why in this piece here.

You know, film critics almost never walk out of movies. Among other things, the critics know they play this sort of consumer-protection kind of role in their jobs. They all feel this obligation to see the bad movies “so you don’t have to.” So whenever a major film critic actually does the unthinkable, and walks out on a film, it’s not some sign of lack of dedication to the gig on their part. Instead, it’s a statement.