News of death of Justice Antonin Scalia casts a shadow over tonight’s CBS GOP debate

Our friends in the Republican Party go right back to work beating up on each other tonight in South Carolina as CBS News hosts the latest presidential debate

But casting a pall over it all is news of the death today of conservative U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia at age 79. That is really the big news today — not any of this Donald Trump v. Ted Cruz nonsense.

Among the stories circulating is a statement from Republican Senator Mitch McConnell who has called for the confirmation of his replacement to be pushed back until after the next election

I have a feeling this will be a debate question tonight. Also, I think this kind of puts the Democrats on the spot and on the defensive a bit — this issue could make them look like the “playing politics as usual” people, which is not a good idea, especially this election year.