The Good Wife makes history: first TV show cancelled during a Super Bowl

One of the big stories from Super Bowl 50 was, as always, the Super Bowl commercials that aired on CBS. And one that made perhaps the biggest impact of all was a simple promo for CBS’s show The Good Wife, declaring the “biggest surprise” yet — this was “the final season“. 

Of course, the fans freaked out over it and The Good Wife was actually a top trend on Twitter on Sunday night, all because of this shock announcement about the show coming to an end. This has to be a first — a TV show cancellation during a Super Bowl game.

I guess the other thing worth noting from Sunday night was that Cindy Crawford and James Corden recreated Cindy’s legendary Pepsi Super Bowl ad on his show. 

Speaking of ads, I actually saw all the American Super Bowl ads this time during the Super Bowl, for a change. Usually the American ads are geoblocked out of Canada, by order of our CRTC. But I watched the big game at a friend’s house and they actually found a CBS feed on the Internet which included all the ads, so we all were really entertained throughout. It made for a much better viewing experience than what non-US fans are usually stuck with during a Super Bowl game.