One more day until we know how NH has voted

Just one more day left until we know who the winners are in the New Hampshire primary. 

This is almost a foregone conclusion. It looks like Bernie Sanders from neighbouring Vermont is going to crush Hillary Clinton, but the real story will be if Hillary somehow doesn’t get crushed tomorrow. Then she can go on stage and declare herself the “comeback kid”, the same way her full-of-himself husband Bill Clinton did in 1992 after he lost to Paul Tsongas. Remember that? And Bill went on to win the nomination and the election. Anyway, look for that tomorrow.

As for the Republicans, Donald Trump continues to hold a lead in the final polls. The main reason he leads is because the anti-Trump “alternative” has still yet to emerge, even though Trump has plenty of enemies within the party and was, tellingly, booed at the ABC debate on Saturday. He hasn’t got this nomination in the bag yet, despite what the mainstream media will have you believe.

It does appear Saturday’s ABC News debate has most definitely muddied the waters considerably when it comes to sorting out the field, though. Going into the debate it seemed like Marco Rubio was on a definite roll and on his way to being the clear rival to Trump. But it all stopped in its tracks with his lousy, robotic performance on the stage, where Chris Christie publicly called out Rubio for his usual talking-point answers he gives. The worst moment came when Rubio responded to Christie’s attack with yet another of his canned answers. “There it is! There it is! The memorized 25-second speech!”

That was a bad moment for Rubio, and the press just killed him over it. Any and all momentum he had coming out of Iowa just stopped right in its tracks. 

Until Saturday night I was willing to entertain the possibility that Rubio could ride his wave of momentum and maybe catch Trump in New Hampshire. Not anymore. I’m now thinking Trump will win convincingly, and we’ll all have a very short evening tomorrow watching the results — which is good because I have to leave early, anyway. 

As for the eventual emergence of who is “the alternative to Trump”, that will depend on the final results and who, in particular, drops out next. My guess is two of the three governors — Chris Christie, Jeb Bush and John Kasich — will be done after tomorrow. Who knows, maybe even all three of them. Honestly, their campaigns are all in bad shape. I’d say Christie is in the biggest hole of the three, which explains why he went after Rubio so hard Saturday. Maybe the New Jersey governor gets to live to fight another day after that effort.

We shall see what is in store tomorrow on Primary Night. But if you really can’t wait for tomorrow — Dixville Notch and Millsfield both vote tonight at midnight.