Update on my (non-)plans for NH primary night coverage


While I wait for the big ABC News GOP debate to happen in Manchester, New Hampshire, I thought I would share with you my big plans for coverage of the New Hampshire Primary Results on my Twitter feed and WordPress blog on Tuesday. Or, more accurately, my non-coverage of it.

I’m not happy!! I need to be on assignment Tuesday night covering a Chamber of Commerce dinner! And it’s not just any dinner, it’s the one where they swear in the new President! So I’m going to be covering this important local news instead of sitting at home, eating popcorn, and watching the results from New Hampshire. 

Still, I should be able to catch some of the early NH returns beforehand. I should be able to watch probably the first half-hour of coverage before I am forced to call a halt to it. Given some of the polls out there, we could see some immediate TV projections, particularly on the Democratic side (for Bernie Sanders). If that indeed happens, I should be able to have those projections up on my Twitter feed right at 7pm ET, which is 6pm local time, and then head off to cover the dinner by 6:30pm. 

I also cover city council on Monday, among other things. Tomorrow, I’m watching the Super Bowl. This is shaping up as a busy week, at least early on. 

And in big breaking news, the North Koreans have just launched a missile. Should be interesting to see the candidates react to that.