Carly Fiorina gets the shaft: no invite to ABC News debate


The latest controversy du jour in the Republican presidential race involves tonight’s ABC News presidential debate in New Hampshire. ABC News invited seven of the remaining GOP contenders but refused to invite Carly Fiorina because apparently she didn’t meet their “criteria”. This includes considering the poll numbers of the candidates, even though we all know based on the Iowa results that the polls are garbage. Still, these worthless poll numbers are being used to cut Fiorina! She is lashing out calling it a “rigged game”. And you know what, she’s right!

This decision to cut Fiorina, I formally say, is a disgrace. It is obvious she is a serious candidate like the rest, and she remains a serious candidate until she finally throws in the towel. But while it seems obvious her campaign is crashing and burning with the voters, that is not something for ABC News to make judgements about when it comes to holding debates. Put her on the stage, dammit, and let the people decide whether she should still be in this GOP race — not the newspeople.

The thing that bugs me is that here we are, just three days before New Hampshire votes on Tuesday, and we have yet to see a debate in which the entire GOP candidate field is included. Instead, it has been “the main stage” and “the undercard”, which is really insulting to these “undercard” candidates who were trying to run serious campaigns. But the only reason why there was an undercard was because the field was so huge. There were 17 candidates at one point. Now, almost all of the “undercard” has quit the race. Really, could it have killed ABC News to invite one more? Leaving out Fiorina is just plain undemocratic.

Then again, maybe they would have gotten demands from the Jim Gilmore campaign that he, too, should be included. Although, based on the Iowa results, there is good reason to keep him out because nobody voted for him and his campaign is a joke

If it is any consolation to Fiorina, I’m sure there will be room for her on stage at the next GOP debate. The New Hampshire results are going to finish off at least two or three more campaigns, at least.

The other thing turning into a farce is the Iowa caucuses, with even the Democrats now in chaos over the ultra-close result in favor of Hillary. The Des Moines Register is calling for a full audit.