GOP race: Rand Paul throws in the towel

Add one more name to the list of casualties from the Iowa caucuses. Rand Paul finished fifth there, but that was obviously not the kind of finish that was going to do much for him in the future, even though it was better than a few other people.

So, Paul has suspended his campaign and will focus now on his Senate re-election campaign in Kentucky.

I predict by this time next week, after New Hampshire weighs in, the presidential field will be even more drastically reduced than it is today. 

Update: And yet another name has dropped out. Rick Santorum has also quit, and he went on Greta Van Susteren‘s show tonight to endorse Marco Rubio

Meanwhile, all kinds of controversy is swirling about the Iowa results with both Donald Trump and Ben Carson complaining about possible voter fraud by the Ted Cruz campaign! Trump is making all sorts of accusations about how Cruz stole Iowa and was calling for a do-over of the Iowa vote; Cruz is dismissing this as a “Trumpertantrum”. Carson was blaming the Cruz campaign for spreading a false rumor on Monday night that Carson was dropping out of the race: the Cruz campaign has since apologized

Personally, I don’t think there will be a do-over of Iowa, but this controversy really does have the potential to turn into a big floor fight at the GOP convention. We could see a rival delegation for Trump seeking to be seated instead of Cruz’s people, assuming the race even gets that far. We shall see.